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Message from the Mayor


On behalf of the City Council and staff of the City of Northwood, I welcome you to our website.

Location, location, location…

Located in Northern Wood County, Northwood is bounded by the Cities of Toledo, Oregon, and Rossford and Lake and Perrysburg Townships. Three major highways intersect the City; Interstates 75 and 280 run north and south while State Route 51 (Woodville Road) runs generally northwest to southeast. I-280 connects with I-80 (Ohio Turnpike) six miles south of the City, while I-75 connects with Detroit to the north and Dayton/Cincinnati to the south. Detroit Metro Airport is 48 miles north via I-75 and I-275 and Toledo Express Airport is twenty miles to the west  via I-80. The City is also served by the Norfolk and Southern and CSX Railroads and the Port of Toledo.

With abundant open space, low taxes and plenty of economic development incentives, Northwood is truly the City “where opportunity abounds”.

This website is designed to help you keep informed about our community, keeping you up to date with current events and governmental developments is our commitment to you.


Mayor Mark Stoner

Latest News

Sidewalks & Streets Snow Removal

By way of reminder, Northwood City Ordinance 660.05 dealing with STREETS AND SIDEWALKS, contains the following language specifically dealing with snow and ice on sidewalks.
(b) Ice and Snow:
(1) The owner, occupant or person having care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street with a graded or paved sidewalk, within the first 24 after daylight following or during a fall of snow, shall cause the snow to be removed from such walk.  This provision includes snow and ice falling from any building.
(2) (e) Penalty: 
Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and shall be subject to the penalty provided in (City Ordinances) Section 698.02.

Snow Removal


This regulation prohibits parking on ALL City streets whenever two inches of snow has fallen and there is a prospect of further snowfall.  All vehicles parked on City streets prior to the time weather conditions prohibited parking must be removed by the owner or operators thereof.  Any vehicles parked in violation of this prohibition may be removed at the order of the Chief of Police or his or her designee, and may subject the owner or operator to fines as well as any applicable towing charges.

The Police Department shall use all available means of disseminating information as to the existence of weather conditions requiring removal of parked motor vehicles fro City Streets.  Such notice shall be disseminated through the radio, newspaper and all available media to the extent feasible.  However, the dissemination of this information shall not relieve owners or operations of motor vehicles from the responsibility of ascertaining the existence of weather conditions requiring the removal of parked motor vehicles from City streets.