Welcome to Northwood!

Our City offers a variety of businesses from large industrial companies to family owned businesses and shops. If you are interested in starting up a business in our diverse City, let us help you get started!

Please ensure the following forms are completed and turned in to the Zoning & Economic Development Department prior to the opening of a business in the City of Northwood. Forms can be submitted via fax, email, or dropped off in person at the Municipal Building, 6000 Wales Rd.

 Application for Operating & Locating 

Business Registration Tax Form

 Prior to the opening of your business, a fire inspection must be completed. Contact Northwood Fire Chief Whitmore at 419.690.1647 or 

For Northwood Business Incentives, Grants, and Loan information, click here.

***This page is under construction. Please email or call 419.690.1664 for Zoning District information.***

Zoning Districts & Permitted uses
Please review our City’s map of Zoning Districts to ensure that your business is conforming to the permitted uses in that zoning district.

Central Business District (CBD)
Commercial District (C)