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The Detective Bureau of the Northwood Police Department assists the Patrol Officers with follow-up investigations.  Investigators handle major offenses that include suspicious deaths, sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries, arson, organized crime activities, kidnappings, felonious assaults and any additional incidents serious in nature.


The Northwood Police Department cannot be truly effective without the help of concerned citizens.  We encourage you to contact us whenever you observe suspicious activities, persons or vehicles.  Just remember, not everyone who comes into your neighborhood is a criminal.  There are legitimate utility workers, repairmen and servicemen in our neighborhoods.  Some people fail to contact the police because they are unaware that they might be witnessing a crime.  Others feel that they are being nosey and some do not want to get involved.  Just remember you can be anonymous when you report a crime.  Your call could help save a life, prevent an injury or stop a criminal act.


The Northwood Police Department has put together information to assist you in identifying suspicious activity and describing persons or vehicles.  We have also put together information to protect you against fraud.  Click on the Links below to find out more.  The information is gathered from the National Fraud Information Center.


Crime Stoppers

Wood County Crime Stoppers
419-352-0077 or 1-800-54-CRIME

National Fraud Info Center

Reporting a Crime

Suspicious Activity



Detective Sergeant Gary Suto
Phone: 419-690-1642
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Detective Patrolman Ken Campbell 
Phone: 419-690-1641
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