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April 15th


The City of Northwood, Ohio levies a tax of 1.5% on all salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation. And, on net profits earned within the City as well as on incomes of residents earned outside the City.  Residents working in other taxing jurisdictions will be given credit for that city's tax withheld, to a maximum of the City of Northwood's 1.5% rate.  The filing of returns is mandatory for all residents with an earned income.


Resident employers or employers doing business in the city who employ one or more persons are required to withhold and remit tax to the Tax Department at the rate of 1.5%.  Employers with withholding taxes of under $500 per month will remit the tax quarterly.  If the amount is over $500 per month, it is to be remitted monthly.


Northwood residents, resident businesses and businesses with activity in Northwood, are required to become registered with the Tax Department.  This can be done by completing a NWIQ (individuals) or a NWBQ (business).  These forms are included at this site.


For additional information, registration with the Tax Department or forms, see choices below.  If you have any questions not covered at this site, please contact our office by telephone, mail or fax.  We will be happy to assist you.

Internal Revenue Service


Pay Your Taxes

Cash, Check and Money Order Payments are accepted by mail or in person at: City of Northwood, Income Tax Department, 6000 Wales Road, Northwood, OH, 43619-1480.

Credit/Debit Card Payments and Electronic Check Payments can be made through Official Payments Corporation by calling 1-800-2PayTax (1-800-272-9829). 

Online Payments are made by [CLICKING HERE]. The City of Northwood's Jurisdiction Code is #8443.  You will also need your account number (example: 12345-R, 03789-W) and Social Security Number or Federal I.D. Number.

Convenience Fees are charged by Official Payments Corporation as follows:
Electronic Checks: $2 per transaction under $10,000; $15 per transaction over $10,000.
Credit/Debit Cards: 2.95% of the tax payment amount with a minimum of $3.95 per transaction. 


Office Hours
8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M. Monday-Friday




Compliance Auditor Lisa Sager 
Phone: 419-693-9326
Fax:  419-690-1691
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Resident/Citizen Comment/Problem Form
May be Faxed, E-Mailed or Mailed to City Administrator





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