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Neighbors are important here along with community involvement.  Where else can you
call the city offices and talk to an actual person who can help you with your questions or
concerns? In Northwood that’s just how we do things. Even the Mayor’s phone number
is listed in the phone book! And, this website has a City Directory with phone numbers
and e-mail addresses of city departments and employees. If you have a problem or
concern, please use the City Directory and send an e-mail or call the appropriate
phone number.

The City of Northwood offers the Brentwood Park Shelterhouse, the Central Park Shelterhouse and the Josie Reinhart Community Center for rental by any resident
or non-resident seven days a week until 10pm. Costs for rental are dependent
upon residency and requires a deposit, with use by the individual renting mandatory.
There is absolutely no smoking or alcoholic beverages permited anywhere on the
premises. If interested in renting  any of these locations, please contact City Clerk
Julie Jagodzinski, Monday through Friday 8am until 4:30pm, at 419-693-9327.

Click Here for More Information on Brentwood and Central Park

Click Here for More Information on the Community Center

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