When issued a Traffic Citation, you may have received a Yellow Envelope which lists some of the offenses that are waiverable and DO NOT require a Court Appearance.  These waiverable amounts can also be found on the Speed Violation Fees and Traffic Violation Fees links of this website.  If the offense cited for is not on the envelope or waiver pages mentioned above, contact the Court Office at 419-693-9325 for assistance.

If cited for a THIRD MOVING VIOLATION within 12 months, it is a MANDATORY Court Appearance.  To determine if this applies, the Personal Appearance box at the bottom of your citation should be checked.  All Citations are issued with a Court Appearance date to allow you the option to contest the charges. 

If you decide to pay the Waiver Amount and not appear in Court, it MUST BE PAID ON OR BEFORE the assigned Court Appearance Date.  Partial Payments are NOT accepted when paying waivers.  The Court accepts Cash, Money Orders, Credit Cards, and only in-state Checks.  Money Orders and Checks are to be made payable to Northwood Court.

Note:  If issued a citation for a Minor Misdemeanor (MM) Criminal Violation, there is a waiver schedule link on this website for these offenses.  All other Misdemeanor Four (M4) through Misdemeanor One (M1) Criminal Violations require a MANDATORY Court Appearance.  If you need to verify an appearance or need additional information, contact the Court Office at 419-693-9325.