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October 10, 2013


 Council Chambers

DISCLAIMER - The following proceedings from the Regular City Council Meeting of October 10, 2013 have been submitted in draft form and have not been officially approved by City Council. Corrections to the proceedings will be approved at the next Regular City Council Meeting. Should you need more information, please call Clerk of Council Julie Jagodzinski at 419-693-9327 or email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Record of Proceedings

7:30 PM

Call to Order:





Pledge of Allegiance:

The regular meeting of the Northwood City Council was called to order by Mayor Mark Stoner on October 10, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Northwood Municipal Building.


The Pledge of Allegiance was then given.


Roll Call:

The roll was called by the Clerk of Council Julie Jagodzinski and those in attendance were as follows:

Mayor Mark Stoner

Council Members: Hughes, Meyers, Schimmel, Barton, Edward: City Administrator Anderson, City Council Clerk Jagodzinski


Motion to Excuse:

Council Member Gallaher & Kozina, City Attorney Brian Ballenger;


Motion by Council Member Barton, Second by Edwards: Motion Passed


Motion for Pro-Tem


Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the minutes from City Council Meeting held on September 26, 2013


Motion by: Council Member Barton, Second by Meyers: Motion Passed.





Public Comment:






Council Committee Reports:

Listed below


Economic Development:

Woodville Mall update ~ work has come to a halt ~ Looking to put together a plan for demolition and to possibly start foreclosure.


CRA Application ~ New business is going to be presented to council on October 24, 2013.


Looking into the regulations for the mobile home parks in the city and also we are going to contact the Health Department for possible violations around the city.

Service Station on Woodville Road ~ City Engineer will be looking into a Brownfield Grant.


Environmental/Solid Waste:

No Report



2014 Budget ~ Ken Yant has been working on it and will have a Draft presented to council on the 24th .


Employee Health Insurance ~ 90% City 10% Employee’s


Part Time Dispatch~Motion to make wage $17.50 per hour.

Motion that hourly rate for Part Time Police Dispatchers be set at $17.50 per hour.

Motion by Council Member Meyers, Second by Hughes: Motion Passed


Added to 2014 Budget:

$10,000 for sidewalks

$10,000 for street lights


Looking into changing the wage for Mayor and Council.


Recreation Board:


Meeting was cancelled rescheduled for October 15, 2013 at 7:00 PM



Street lights~ we have 60 intersections that does not have lights.

Discussed wages for Dispatchers

Grant for Police Department for $20,000 for OCJS for auto grant with a 10% grant match.

Motion to apply for Police Department Grant for $20,000 for police vehicle: Motion by Council Member Meyers, Second by Edwards: Motion Passed.



Dillrose Street Paving ~ received 5 bids, lowest bid was awarded to Bowers Asphalt for $50,998.00


Motion that the Dillrose Road Resurfacing Improvement project be awarded to Bowers Asphalt & Paving, Inc. in the amount of $50,998.00 and that the City Administrator be directed to sign all of the necessary paperwork to affect this award.


Motion by Council Member Barton, Second by Edward: Motion Passed.


Add into 2014 budget $10,000 for Sidewalks and $10,000 for Street Lights.


Discussed the hill of dirt on I-280 and will review the option and actions we will take.



No Report


Committee of Whole

Will be having meeting on November 7, 2014 discussing 2014 Budget.


Pending Legislation:



New Legislation



Mayors Report

1. Court Fines, Forfeitures & Costs for          September 2013:


Fines:                     $1,990.00

Forfeitures:     $4,273.00

Misc Cost:     $3,879.00

Total:             $10,142.00


2. Michael J. Schwanbeck has resigned from the Northwood Police Department effective October 14, 2013. He has accepted a position with the Toledo Police Department.


3. Chief Cairl has recommended the appointment of Ms. Wendy Walters and Ms. Kimberly Havener as Part-Time Dispatchers for the Northwood Police Department, with the effective date October 15, 2013. This is contingent upon each passing


Motion to approve appointment of Ms. Wendy Walters and Ms. Kimberly Havener as Part-Time Dispatchers for the Northwood Police Department, with the effective date October 15, 2013.


Motion by Council Member Hughes, Second by Bartion. Motion Passed (Meyers Abstained)


City Administrators Report


                A 2nd preliminary site evaluation on the existing Northwood site was completed by David Koppleman, AIA (Poggemeyer Design Group) on October 3, 2013. Mr. Koppleman will be issuing his evaluation the week of October 14, 2014.

                I will be meeting Friday morning with regional dispatch consolidation study committee members to discuss the content of a “power point presentation” concerning the pros and cons of the establishment of a regional dispatch site at this time. This power point presentation will be presented to each of the councils or boards participating in the study.




                The latest projected date for the opening of Wales Road from Woodville Road to East Broadway remains early November, 2013.

                Droulliard south from the new portion of Wales Road into Walbridge will also be open at this time.

                The top/finish layer for Wales along with other access road openings will be completed in the spring of 2014.

                Residences and businesses north of the Conrail tracks can now only access their properties from the new portion of Wales Road.




                According to ODOT, single lane restrictions will start the week of October 7th on the Anthony Wayne Bridge as crews place safety platforms in place. These restrictions will be in place through December.

                A 19 month closure of the bridge from the spring of 2014 through 2015 is planned as a part of the 28.7 million dollar re-construction project.



List of Proposed Expenditures excess of $10,000.00



City Clerk

No Report


City Attorney:

No Report


City Engineer:

No Report


New Business:



Old Business:



Persons Appearing Before Mayor and Council:




Mayor Mark Stoner



Clerk of Council, Julie Jagodzinski



Mayor Mark Stoner



7:43 PM



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