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HOURS:  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Magistrate  C. Drew Griffith

With the many issues of COVID-19 we face on a daily basis, our court must amend its previous practices and adjust accordingly. It is likely that some of the changes may become the new norm. In order to keep the spread of the virus to a minimum, we have been following the mandated restrictions and orders set forth by our Governor and Health Department professionals. As we move forward in the attempt to return to some level of normalcy, we ask for your patience as it will take time and flexibility to implement new/updated procedures that will ensure everyone's safety.

At this time the court has new requirements:

 1. You MUST wear a face mask or face covering when entering the Municipal Building and appearing in Court.
        * masks must cover both mouth and nose at all times!
 2. Defendants and/or their attorneys will be the only individuals permitted in the building and courtroom.  All others MUST wait in their vehicles.
 3. On Court days, the main entrance will be locked and in order to enter the building, you must first check in with one of our assigned Police Officers. If the courtroom is full, you will be given a pager and be asked to return to your vehicle until we notify you through the paging system.      

*All payments are to be made online at or placed in the court’s drop box located on the right side of our buildings front door entrance. Yellow payment envelopes are available in the information box.  You may also pay your outstanding balance and/or citation waivers over the phone by calling:  1-844-390-3558  (Court solutions)

The Northwood Mayor's Court serves the City of Northwood, Ohio and operates under the Northwood Municipal Code.  The Court handles misdemeanors only, including both criminal and traffic cases.  Our Court hears first offenses only for Operating a Vehicle while Impaired (O.V.I.).  A second O.V.I. offense within six years, and all Felony and Small Claims cases are filed in Perrysburg Municipal Court, 300 Walnut Street, Perrysburg, OH, 43551.
Court_PictureIf charged with an offense that requires a personal court appearance, you must appear on the date assigned which is noted on the bottom of your citation.  If  scheduled for a Prosecutor's Pre-Trial, the date and time will be assigned according to availability.  Northwood Mayor's Court is in session every Thursday beginning at 2:00 PM with Pre-Trials being scheduled for every other Thursday.

Appropriate attire is required; hats, shorts and tank tops are NOT to be worn in the Courtroom. Phones must be turned off upon entering the Courtroom.