The Northwood Street Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvements of our roads, traffic signs, storm sewers, hydrants, Homecraft sanitary sewers, and trees within the public right-of-way.

The department maintains the quality of the streets in the City of Northwood by doing the following:

  • Maintenance and repair of catch basins.
  • Filling cracks on city streets which prevents water from penetrating the surface of the pavement.
  • Marking of school zones, stop bars, arrows and railroad crossing on the pavement.
  • Pothole filling with cold mix.
  • Cleaning of storm sewers.
  • Installation and repair of street name signs, informational signs, and standard regulatory signs.
  • Establishing berms along road edges and grass seeding.
  • Collecting and disposing of brush.
  • Collecting and disposing of leaves.
  • The clean up of public right-of-way (trash, oil, broken glass, tree limbs, etc.).
  • Snow removal and salting of public roads and parking lots.
  • Tree removal and placement within the right-of-way.
  • Maintenance of pump stations.

Sidewalk installation, maintenance, repair, and snow removal in the City of Northwood is the responsibility of the property owner unless the damage is done by the city itself.

Buildings and Grounds
The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance of the City Municipal Building, the fire stations, the city parks and park equipment.  John Laugerman is the Buildings and Grounds Supervisor.  He oversees the maintenance of Brentwood Park (3.75 acres), Central Park (13.75 acres), Nature Trails Park (60 acres), Ranger Park, and the Olde Curtice Road Boulevard. Greg Smith, former Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, made and installed forty bluebird boxes at Nature Trails Park.  Each bluebird box is numbered and the bluebirds' nesting practices are checked on monthly.