Sidewalk Repair

Public Sidewalk Repair Policy

Per section 1022.02 of the Northwood Codified Ordinance " Every owner of any lot or parcel of land situated within the corporate limits of the City shall construct, keep, repair and maintain, along all public street, avenues, boulevards or lanes adjoining thereto, sidewalks as recommended by standard engineering practices as approved by the City Engineer."  

Purpose – The purpose of this policy is to protect public health and the City of Northwood residents by eliminating tripping hazards on public sidewalks by repairing and/or replacing required sections of sidewalks to achieve a uniform grade.

Responsibility - All sidewalks, driveway approaches, runways or curb openings hereafter constructed, reconstruct or made on any public street, avenue, boulevard or lane within the corporate limits of the City shall be constructed, reconstructed or made, and shall be used and maintained, in accordance with Chapter 1022 of the Northwood Codified Ordinance. Any person desiring to engage in the construction or reconstruction of walks or driveways, or to make curb openings shall be conditioned upon the faithful observance of this chapter and other applicable provisions of these Codified Ordinances and the specifications, rules or regulations pertaining to the construction and reconstruction of walks, driveways or curb openings, and upon the principal constructing, reconstructing or making all walks, driveways or curb openings in strict compliance with all applicable existing ordinances, specifications, rules and regulations of the City.

Determination Factor – A public sidewalk is required to be repaired or replaced when a section(s) has a vertical and/or horizontal separation(see Sketch A),  section(s) with cracks, surface deterioration or separations that create an uneven surface (see Sketch B), section(s) with severe slopes or rises (see Sketch C) all in which create a tripping hazard.

Sidewalk Marking – Sidewalks requiring repair/replacement will be marked by the City Director of Public Service and the City Engineer. The markings will be indicated as follows:

  1. White “X” represent section(s) that needed repaired/replaced by the property owner, additionally paint on the edges between two labs requires slabs to be leveled.
  2. White “O” represent section(s) that needed repaired/replaced by the City.

Repair/Replacement – Public sidewalk repair/replacement must be performed in compliance with all applicable existing ordinances, specifications, rules and regulations of the City.

sidewalk policy

The sidewalk section(s) to be repaired and/or constructed / replaced on your property have been marked with an 'X' with white paint. The cost of the repair/reconstruction of sections that are shared between lots will be pro-rated. You may construct and/or replace the referenced square foot sections of sidewalk yourself or have it done by a contractor in accordance with City specifications.


  • Determine HOW you are going to repair/replace sections of sidewalk that are marked with the white “x” (yourself, contractor, or City)
  • Fill out the Zoning Permit. Only those who plan to hire a contractor OR complete the repair themselves must turn in a permit to the City at 6000 Wales Rd. Attn: City Clerk.
  • Email ( or call (419) 690-1621 if you would like the City to complete the work.

If you do not agree with the marked sections OR are experiencing a financial hardship and would like to apply for a one-year deferment of payment see the section below.


  • Complete the Appeal/Deferment application  and turn it into the City at 6000 Wales Rd. Attn: City Clerk.
  • Persons appealing the repairs can attend the appeal and deferment hearing that will be held before the Sidewalk Commission on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2021 at 6:30PM in the Council Chambers.

                If a permit, appeal notice or deferment application are not submitted and received by the City within 30 days of the receipt of the letter the City will have the work performed as soon as practical thereafter with the cost being assessed against your property. The assessment may be paid within thirty (30) days of notification AFTER construction or over a five-year period with 0% interest on real estate tax bills.  

Please contact the City at (419) 690-1621 for questions concerning the Sidewalk Project.