Road/Curb/Sidewalk Project Heads up!

A friendly reminder per section 1022.02 of the Northwood Codified Ordinance " Every owner of any lot or parcel of land situated within the corporate limits of the City shall construct, keep, repair and maintain, along all public street, avenues, boulevards or lanes adjoining thereto, sidewalks as recommended by standard engineering practices as approved by the City Engineer."  Similar to years past, the City Engineer and Director of the Street Department will mark sections of sidewalk that need repaired or replaced with a white "x" that indicates the homeowner is financially responsible for the repair.  They have already begun marking sections of the sidewalks that will be included in the 2021 projects, however the project start date and timeline is still TO BE DETERMINED. Please let this serve as a "heads up" for the project that will begin in the Spring. More information and updates will be posted when available!

Pavement Resurfacing, curb replacement and sidewalk replacement
Eden East Dr.
Revilla Dr.
Skagway Dr.

Dalling Rd.

Pavement Resurfacing and Sidewalk Replacement
Sheffield Pl. (North of Andrus Rd.)

Pavement Resurfacing and Curb Replacement
Beachcraft Dr.

Storm Sewer Replacement
Andrus Rd. (Northside of W. Andrus Rd. between Stroelein St. And Owen St.)

The City Engineer and Director of the Street Department