history01Ross Township, located just south of East Toledo, was established on April 18, 1874. Farms, gardens, orchards and railroads quickly consumed much of the area. The first village to be incorporated in Ross Township was Rossford in 1939. Rossford immediately petitioned against the Board of County Commissioners for succession from the rest of the Township which eventually led Commissioners to order Ross Township to be divided into Rossford Township and Ross Township.

 The entire area of Ross Township became incorporated as the Village of Northwood on September 8, 1962.  Larry Brough, editor of the Ross Township News, suggested the name "Northwood" because the village was located in the most northwestern part of Wood County.  George Dalling served as Mayor until his retirement in 1979.

The 1980 Census indicated that the Northwood Village's population had exceeded 5,000 allowing the village to become a "home rule" city.  On November 3, 1981 constituents voted to establish the Charter of the Municipality of Northwood, Ohio. The Village of Northwood officially became the City of Northwood on January 1, 1982, as designated by the State of Ohio.  The new city would consist of an elected seven member legislative Council, an elected Mayor with executive authority, and an appointed Municipal Administrator directly responsible to the Mayor.

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